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Solar hot water rebate opens for applications in Victoria

Victorian households can claim up to $1,000 rebate on solar hot water systems as of this week, in latest offering from state government Solar Homes package.

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Solar hot water providers recognise cheap solar PV as they shift to diverters

Solar hot water is not what it used to be. Solar diverters use excess rooftop PV to heat water – like a cheap battery. And solar hot water pioneer SolaHart is now on board.

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Small solar installs pass 3 million mark in Australia

Small-scale solar systems installed by Australian homes and businesses have passed the three million-mark, with one in five homes now generating their own power.

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My long switch to solar

After many years of planning, I finally flicked the switch and installed a rooftop solar energy system. But that is just the beginning of our household's journey away from fossil fuels.

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Solar PV and hot water, zero emissions: Stockland’s new 8-star energy rated house

Australian property group Stockland has unveiled its 8-star energy rated zero emissions house at the company’s Willowdale community development in Sydney’s west.

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New study finds Evacuated Tube solar hot water often pays for itself quicker than typical solar electricity systems

People should be considering solar hot water (SHW) and solar power (PV) in combination, rather than entirely covering their roof with PV.

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How renewables can kick industry’s gas habit: 1 report and 3 case studies

ARENA-backed report says there is a renewable energy alternative for most industry gas applications, to reduce the sector's exposure to an increasingly uncertain and costly gas market.

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How to slash household energy bills – even without solar PV

No coal. No gas. No petrol. No greenhouse gases. And a lower electricity bill. All from the comfort of our own homes. It’s a great future worth investing in.

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