What is electricity resilience worth to you?

As the global microgrid market takes off, It's crucial each customer knows what power loss costs them as they weigh their need for a microgrid.

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Bruny Island trials “electricity grid of the future”

Tasmania's Bruny Island sees the benefits as 11 of 35 solar-powered battery systems installed in private homes start contributing to the local electricity grid.

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Why battery storage doesn’t pay without rooftop solar

“Arbritrage” sounds like a brilliant idea, but is it really worthwhile charging a battery from the grid at off-grid prices?

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How to sell battery storage to early adopters

There’s plenty of early adopters out there who will buy battery storage regardless of the return on investment, because early adopters like the technology and the independence it offers.

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Tesla explains why EVs selling electricity to grid not as good as it sounds

Tesla says it doesn’t make economic sense for EVs to send electricity back to the grid, but concedes that “dynamic charging” of EVs at times convenient to the grid is coming.

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How residential demand tariffs could add $1000s to your bill

As residential demand tariffs are rolled out around Australia, we take a look at what they are, how they works, and why many households should avoid them at all costs.

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Bitcoin-inspired peer-to-peer solar trading trial kicks off in Perth

Perth start-up to begin trials of blockchain technology that, if successful, could kick off peer-to-peer solar trading in Australia.

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7 things NSW solar customers should consider as premium tariffs end

The good news is solar owners can still continue to get fantastic returns from their solar systems, the less good news is the returns won’t be the same and utility meters will need to be changed in most cases..

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Another NZ energy upstart takes aim at Australian retail market

NZ energy retail start-up Flick Electric says Australia an ideal market for its digital platform that strips electricity pricing bare and gives customers access to the wholesale spot market.

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Melbourne electricity retailer launches fixed-price, ‘all you can eat’ offer

Melbourne electricity retailer Sumo Power says aims to combat "bill shock" with launch of fixed price offer for unlimited electricity use over 12 month period.

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