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CSIRO “internet of things” pilot aims to cut community housing power bills by 80%

Solar + battery storage optimisation platform by CSIRO-backed start-up Evergen to be installed in 10 NSW low-income households in first of a kind pilot program.

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CSIRO-made smart solar and storage system launched by Evergen

A solar and storage energy management system developed by CSIRO and backed by AMP Capital has been launched in Australia.

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Are you making the most of your rooftop solar? Not likely

Despite having the world's highest per-capita penetration of rooftop solar – only a tiny percentage of those PV systems are being monitored for performance. So what are Australian consumers missing? And how can they get out of the shade?

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NSW solar bonus scheme ends this year: what are your options?

As NSW's relatively generous solar rates come to a close, 150,000-odd solar homes are looking to make the transition as painless as possible. So what are your options? We break them down for you.

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AllGrid Energy, Redback Technologies join forces to deliver remote solar solutions

Indigenous renewable tech company AllGrid Energy to partner with energy management start-up Redback Technologies to give Australia's remote indigenous communities energy reliability and self-sufficiency.

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The hidden energy cost of smart homes

One of the great hopes of the second digital revolution is that "the internet of things" will help households save energy. But research from Australia and the UK is revealing ways the IOT might also increase energy demand.

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Why smart software is cheaper way to profit from solar than battery storage

Australia's Redback Technologies says its new generation smart investors can dramatically improve self consumption and payback times for rooftop solar, and optimise use of battery storage systems.

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ANU project to turn households into mini solar power stations, to boost grid, reward consumers

ARENA grants ANU project $2.9m to install solar and battery storage at 40 homes on Tasmania's Bruny Island, and use Australian-made software to trade electricity with the grid when needed during peaks.

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AGL updates energy management app to include solar performance data

AGL Energy has released a new version of its energy management app that includes data on customers' rooftop solar performance, and "in future" could allow them to trade directly with the grid.

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You’ve installed solar and battery storage. But is that smart?

Not all solar and storage systems are created equal. New energy management solutions - targeting the Australian market first - are hitting the market. There's no point replicating the dumb grid inside your home.

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