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Australian poultry farmer taps homegrown silicon energy storage

SA energy storage outfit 1414 Degrees to provide NSW poultry processing plant with electricity and heat via a 25MWh thermal energy storage system.

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BYD goes big on small and flexible, in new battery storage push

Chinese battery maker BYD unveils updated range of modular “solar batteries” for Australian market, as it turns up the heat on Tesla and other rivals.

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Is public uncertainty holding back Australia’s home battery boom?

Australians love the idea of battery storage, in much the same spirit with which they embraced rooftop solar – as a means to cut electricity bills, gain control over their own power, help save the environment, and/or stick it to the man. But a new report has shown that they don’t quite get it... yet.

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Battery ban off the table after industry roundtable “consensus”

Standards Australia says industry roundtable has broadly agreed to “review” proposed rule banning li-ion batteries from being installed inside homes and garages. But rifts emerge in industry.

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Five things we learned this week about home battery storage

Five things we learned this past week about the state of Australia's home battery storage market, the rules that govern it, the "Tesla effect", how companies are competing, and which governments are on the ball.

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Battery storage uptake by households surges as grid costs soar

New data shows home battery storage installations set to treble in 2017, even without a price fall. Once the technology gets cheaper, says SunWiz, batteries will be as 'common as the backyard pool.'

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“Ice battery” air-con technology set to cool Australian homes – and peak power demand

Solar hot water company Apricus inks distribution deal for US "ice battery" + air-con technology that could cool Australian homes, and cut power bills.

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What’s a partial off-grid solar plus storage system?

Going partially off-grid is a smart alternative for homes who want to become completely energy self sufficient. So how's it done?

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Have we massively underestimated the battery storage market?

Newly released survey data suggests we may have dramatically underestimated the take up of battery storage in Australia.

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Five reasons to consider the power of battery storage

For the first time with Energy Storage Systems homeowners can not only store energy generated during the day through their PV system but can also utilise it for household needs in the evenings or peak times.

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