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Living off-grid in Australia’s tropical north: Tips from a long-term Daintree resident

A well designed off-grid solar and battery storage system can supply most households' needs easily, even in Australia's tropical north. But some know-how is needed.

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‘Poster girl’ for alternative lifestyle shares her off-grid story

Columnist and cartoonist Jill Redwood had to start over after the Ash Wednesday bush fires in 1983. She explains how she lives off grid with just a very small solar system of 1kW and battery storage.

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Preparing a private home and rental property for energy storage revolution

Leigh Adamson recently bought the house next door to create a rare half acre block in suburbia. He now has an alternative retirement income and is readying both homes for the oncoming energy storage revolution with small grid-connect solar systems.

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Despite the Tesla hype, going off grid is not that simple

The Tesla PowerWall announcement stimulated an exciting debate about how low cost batteries could create widespread defection from the electricity grid. Take it from someone who knows … alas, it’s not that simple!

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The off grid experience – and how it’s changed since 1992

This family quit the rat race more than two decades ago. They have used solar PV, a wind turbine, small hydro and battery storage to manage their power needs, with all the usual mod-cons.

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Snow and solar at 1280m – does it really work?

How effective is a standalone solar system in areas that experience snowfall? We asked Ed and Laurie, off-gridding Americans who live, and grow most of their own veggies, at 1280m above sea level.

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ABC news legend dumps diesel as he turns to solar + storage

Former ABC presenter started off with diesel only in his off-grid home, but recently added solar and storage. And learned some big lessons.

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Richard Di Natale – the party leader living off the grid

Greens leader Richard Di Natale chose to go off-grid 10 years ago, largely because of the huge costs of connecting his then weekender and now family home to the grid. He says it's a great feeling to be able to convert the sun into useable energy.

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Off-grid in the Hawkesbury, with tracking solar and batteries

It’s satisfying to turn on a light or power tool and know the energy was generated only a few metres away.

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Bakken Hale: Largest solar-battery off-grid home in the world

91-year-old medical entrepreneur installs largest solar and battery storage array for an off-grid home. Hawaii and Australia seen as biggest off-grid markets.

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