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On demand car operator Lyft aims for 100% renewable energy & self-driving Bolts

Lyft, the on-demand taxi service that competes head to head with Uber, aims for a 100% powered renewable energy powered Chevy Bolt.

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Power struggle: First Nations fight to stay on country, and off grid

Astronomical electricity bills are so often the final straw for Australia's remote Indigenous communities, consuming more than half of families' annual income and, in some cases, driving them off country. But with the help of renewables, they're taking the power back.

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Households will power half the grid by 2050, networks admit

Report from Australia's main network lobby and CSIRO suggests that by 2050, nearly half of all future generation – and storage – will be on site in homes, business and communities.

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How to make Australia’s clean energy transition fair for all

The genie is well and truly out of the bottle on the benefits and possibilities of clean energy, but how do we ensure that all Australians can participate?

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Greensburg, once destroyed by wind, now 100% wind-powered

Powerful winds once destroyed the town, but now wind power is the very foundation of Greensburg’s economy, an irony not lost on the town’s citizens.

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WA power utility to lead big switch to local generation

WA power utility Horizon is leading a big switch from centralised fossil fuel generation to local generation. The economics of past supply models are no longer competitive with current and future technology choices.

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It takes a village: Why community energy is vital to a 100% renewable Australia

The transition to 100 per cent renewables for Australia is inevitable, say the authors of a major new report. The only question is how quickly and how fairly it will be done – and that's where community energy comes in.

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Nissan sees future with EV-powered grid. But if they build it, will consumers connect?

Nissan explores how vehicle-to-grid, battery storage, wireless charging, autonomous drive technology and the internet could combine to revolutionise how consumers use energy. But how close is this to reality?

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Solar to supply 95% of daytime electricity for Longreach Airport

Longreach Airport in Queensland's north-west has installed a 99kW solar system, driven by a commitment to quit coal generated energy, and electricity bill savings in the tens of thousands of dollars.

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How quitting the grid – in an energy efficient home – will save you

Australians can now build a house using the latest modern building materials, methods, products, technology and ideas that will not only take you off grid, but remove the need for expensive heating and cooling. And all for a healthy return on investment.

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