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Home of “crocodile hunter” goes solar, with biggest PV array at an Australian zoo

Australia Zoo is installing 648kW of solar on its "crocoseum" building, to save on electricity and spend more on conservation.

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The Victoria mansion leading the exodus off the grid

Ever get the idea that the decision to quit the grid – or not connect – was reserved for low energy users, austere consumers or those with no possibility of connection? Think again.

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Angry and frustrated, more customers are quitting the grid

Industry reports suggest more and more Australian households are choosing to quit the grid, and they're doing so for a mixed bag of reasons.

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Rental solar scheme targets 15,000 Queensland investment homes

Queensland property groups join forces to install solar and smart technology on 15,000 investment properties across the state, offering bill crunching PV to landlords and renters.

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Low income homes to be offered “no-cost” solar and batteries

A new solar and storage scheme aims to tackle the problem of “power poverty” in Australia head on, by offering low income households around Australia the option to install both solar and battery storage for no upfront cost.

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Half of all Australian rooftops could go solar, new mapping tool reveals

New online mapping tool shows "enormous untapped potential" for rooftop solar in Australia, including up to 50 per cent in major Australian cities.

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Short-term thinking on energy and water is costing NSW consumers billions

IPART's pricing and regulatory decisions can make significant impacts on water and energy costs – potentially relieving billions in the future. Blind faith that the past represents the future will do the opposite.

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Solar CBD: How Melbourne buildings – including MCG – could become a PV powerhouse

New report finds that 38% of City of Melbourne total roof space could be fitted with 416MW of solar panels – enough to power 112,000 average Victorian homes, meet 12 per cent of the area's electricity needs, and cut businesses' collective power costs by more than $100 million.

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Shepparton council set to go solar, as PV farm plans remain in limbo

City of Greater Shepparton awards tender to install solar across council buildings; awaits state govt decision on 250MW of proposed solar farms.

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Victorian government backs push for solar on all new-build homes

Vic govt unveils $2.18m plan to partner with land developers and home builders to supply zero net carbon homes – rooftop solar included – around Melbourne.

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