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Pace of renewables shift leaves city planners struggling to keep up

Responding to climate change, networks of decision-makers, such as the C40 collective of major cities, have begun adopting strategies to promote the uptake of renewable energy. Yet land use planning has seemingly begun to lag behind.

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NSW Aboriginal Housing Office to put solar on 970 properties

NSW government's Aboriginal Housing Office wants to install solar on 970 of its properties in the state's west, where tenants are suffering "extreme energy hardship."

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Catholic schools go big in rooftop solar and battery storage

A massive solar and storage rollout has begun for schools in Central Queensland, contracting for rooftop PV totalling more than 4MW with battery storage of 3MWh.

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Community retailer Enova lifts solar tariff to 16c/kWh

NSW community-owned power retailer offers solar feed-in tariff of 16c/kWh – a 33% increase on its former FiT, and higher than most competing offers.

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When energy bills are hurting, only one thing makes sense

As consumers stare down the barrel of big energy bill increases, there is one thing they can do. It’s what 1.6 million Australian households have done already. It’s simple, it's good, and it actually works.

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Australia set to add 1GW of rooftop solar in 2017 as grid prices leap

Two sets of research this past week have confirmed that a second rooftop solar boom is well underway in Australia, driven by the rapidly improving economics of PV panels and storage, and by the rapidly worsening state of retail electricity prices. The first, a survey whose results were published by Roy Morgan on Thursday, shows […]

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One-quarter of Australian homes now have solar

Roy Morgan research shows almost one in four Australian households own solar panels – almost one-third in South Australia.

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AGL to pilot “virtual” rooftop solar scheme for renters, apartments

AGL energy CEO says upcoming new pilot will offer access to a "rooftop solar discount" to households unable to install their own. And announces lift in solar tariffs.

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Rooftop solar’s new boom – when installing PV becomes a no-brainer

Falling technology costs and yet another hike in electricity prices are combining to make rooftop solar an economic no-brainer for most Australian households and businesses. Just ask Cory Bernardi.

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Office products supplier COS installs 403kW solar across three sites

Australia’s largest privately owned office products supplier installs $1m of solar to cut grid power usage by 80%.

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