Smart solar monitoring: Why you should have it

Is your solar performing? Rooftop PV systems can be adversely affected by things outside of a household's control – and without their knowledge. But you needn't be in the dark about it.

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How solar microgrids are bringing stability to war-torn Somalia

Beleaguered by famine, terrorism and war, Somalia has the added burden of some of the highest energy costs in the world. But thanks to an East African company, relief is coming.

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Solar cemetery considered in Ballarat Community Power scheme

Regional cemetery business looks to go solar – and all electric – as one of first projects to come out of Victorian government's Community Power Hubs.

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Queensland rooftop solar reaches 2GW, but NSW now biggest market

Rooftop solar reaches 2GW mark in Queensland, but latest monthly installations sees NSW pipping sunshine state as biggest market in February.

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“Interest free” loans for solar and storage for South Australia households

South Australia Labor government offers "interest free" loans to 10,000 households to install rooftop solar and battery storage

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Healing with solar in Puerto Rico

As Puerto Rico's hospitals languish without power more than four months after Hurricane Maria, a team of clean-energy evangelists are working to use solar power to rebuild.

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Solar portables that can help power schools tested in NSW pilot

An ARENA-backed pilot at two NSW schools will trial super efficient portables with enough solar to power three classrooms.

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Happiness is a post-solar electricity bill (Farewell to 2017)

So much for the idea of rooftop solar being a scam. Having panels on my roof is saving me a fair amount of money! Here's how.

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Solar unlimited: How to use inverters to get past export limits

Solar panel system owners are becoming more and more ambitious about what they want from their PV systems, and are now installing 10kW + PV arrays and over-sizing their inverters.

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South Australia’s stunning transition to consumer-powered grid

Rooftop solar expected to provide more than 20% of local generation by 2025, ushering in transition to consumer focused grid in South Australia. Meanwhile, S.A. begins to benefit from renewables, with prices so far in 2017/18 lower than coal-dominated Victoria and NSW.

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