Redflow admits it can’t match lithium batteries on price in home market

Flow battery storage manufacturer Redflow abandons bulk home battery market due to price issues, to focus on bigger installations in commercial, industrial and off-grid sector.

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Here’s an energy data idea to help consumers: ‘Voltage Watch’

How many expensive electronic appliances and devices in our homes are being harmed or destroyed by faulty voltage in our electricity supply system?

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Go Big: Six reasons why you should be a rooftop solar champion

Investing in a home solar system that is larger than your immediate needs might seem irrational, but there are many great reasons why you should maximise your rooftop potential.

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Stanford University completes 4.5MW of rooftop solar

The addition of solar panels at 15 new buildings means Stanford’s Silicon Valley campus has added 4.5MW of renewable energy to its local grid.

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Google plans to be 100 per cent renewable next year

From next year Google will purchase 100 per cent of the energy it uses from renewable sources, mostly wind and solar. Because it is cheaper.

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People power: Citizens could drive Europe’s energy transition

New EU study finds that 83% of European households could eventually become “energy citizens.” Nearly two-thirds of them, so roughly half of all households, could make their own energy.

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A battery power revolution in the making on Tasmania’s Bruny Island

Analysts predict a huge future for battery energy storage. On Tasmania’s Bruny Island we have a chance to see what this might look like.

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The fall and fall of rooftop solar prices: four years of data

After four years of tracking Australia's rooftop solar system prices, we take a look back over our data at some of the noteworthy trends that have emerged over this period.

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One thousand kilometers on an electric bicycle

An inside look into what you are missing out on if you don't have an electric bicycle.

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Giant leaps for solar and storage in low income communities

President Obama's announcement of the Clean Energy Savings will bring 1,000 megawatts of solar energy to low- and moderate-income customers, that has thus far struggled to enjoy the benefits of the clean energy revolution.

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