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Crowd-funding pitch for off-grid solar + storage system at camp that saves lives

Balunu Foundation seeks $40,000 for off-grid solar + storage system that can slash diesel costs and help save lives of teenagers at risk.

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Redflow makes push for renewables and battery storage for Oz mines

Australian battery maker Redflow says mining industry should be coupling large-scale battery storage with renewable energy to cut costs and quit the grid.

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Solar boss takes Queensland home off-grid, with a 7.5 year payback

The head of a Queensland solar company is taking his home off-grid, using a Samsung 10.8kWh battery storage - the first time it has been used this way. Steve Madson says his move off-grid is being forced by huge network charges, and he expects many others to follow.

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Community solar bulk-buy scheme launched in City of Port Phillip

A council backed bulk solar scheme in inner Melbourne is offering 300 discounted rooftop solar systems, and the option for battery storage, to local homes and businesses.

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Sydney Hindu temple installs 26kW solar system, plans to add batteries

Sydney Hindu community group installs 26kW solar system on temple in the city's west, and plans to add more panels and battery storage in future.

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AGL adds two new, larger battery systems to energy storage suite

AGL launches two new residential battery offerings from Sunverge aimed at households who are large energy consumers and have between 4-5kW of rooftop solar.

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Networks throw a bomb into rooftop solar market with tariff changes

Consumers are being caught unawares by tariff changes that could change the economics of rooftop solar. Networks are introducing demand tariffs that could halve the rate of solar installations. It means that in some cases, adding solar could result in a higher bill overall.

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The sweet spot for battery storage? How the numbers stack up

There is a lot of talk about the ability of battery storage to take households and businesses off the grid. But how do the numbers for battery storage stack up for the majority that will remain connected to the grid?

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Australian lead acid battery maker Ecoult enters commercial, residential market

Ecoult, Australian maker of lead acid "ultra" battery, to take on lithium-ion rivals with commercial and residential battery storage products.

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The 5×4 concept: How Melbourne photographer leads world in zero carbon living

Photographer Ralph Alphonso had planned to turn a small inner city property space - just 5 metres by 4 metres - next to his inner city photographic studio in east Melbourne into a car port with a roof. Instead, after prompting from his father, he came up with a better idea.

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