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Queensland pushes through massive rises in fixed electricity charges

Fixed charges to households surge, and may cost small business two-thirds of bill, as government-owned utilities move against solar, efficiency.

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Rooftop solar to cut total grid demand to zero in South Australia

Energy market operator says rooftop solar will grow to the point where there is zero demand from the grid in South Australia during midday hours, and could provide one third of all generation throughout the year. Little wonder the state is considered to be leading the world in renewable energy adoption.

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EMC to supply battery system for large-scale community energy storage trial

Energy Made Clean wins tender for 1.1MWh battery system for ground-breaking large-scale community energy storage trial in Western Australia.

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Why new housing estates and whole towns will go off grid

New housing estates in Australia may be built without a connection to the main grid, offering instead free electricity – and even free electric vehicles – to residents. Meanwhile, numerous towns are looking to buy back their grid from networks. Welcome to the new world of micro-grids.

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Panasonic signs battery storage deal with 3 Australian utilities

Panasonic targets Australia as first global market for battery storage, in deal with 3 utilities to trial 8kWh system. It says storage will double self consumption of solar households, but it intends to sell product through networks and retailers, challenging their business models.

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AGL sees no mass market for battery storage before 2020s

AGL sees no mass market for battery storage before 2020, and is not sure Tesla product is suitable for Australia. It concedes it is behind in rooftop solar, but argues this is just one of basket of new technologies that will change consumer energy use. And it doesn't fear for its coal assets.

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How quickly will households pick up battery storage?

How quickly will households adopt battery storage, and will they be able to use Tesla to get off the grid?

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Five graphs that show how battery storage will appeal to households

Five graphs that show why battery storage will appeal to Australian households, and will damage the bottom line of Australian utilities.

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Batteries for your PV System: How much do you need?

Just as important as how cheap batteries are getting is another crucial question: how much battery do you need?

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Getting by in Sydney blackouts with a little help from solar and storage

Sydney storm has made us realise how much we rely on electricity for so many things and how much we take it for granted.

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