How farmers can calculate savings from solar + battery storage

NSW Farmers has updated its Solar PV + Battery Financial Analysis Calculator to more accurately estimate the financial performance of a given solar PV-battery system on the basis of the reduction of consumption of high-cost grid electricity.

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Bottling the sun: Bright brewery taps solar to be electricity self-sufficient

A craft brewery in country Victoria has called for industry-wide renewable energy and sustainability goals, after successfully installing a 50kW solar system that will cover all of the beer maker's electricity needs.

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AGL updates energy management app to include solar performance data

AGL Energy has released a new version of its energy management app that includes data on customers' rooftop solar performance, and "in future" could allow them to trade directly with the grid.

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Sydney household becomes “mini power station” with solar + Powerwall + Grid Credits

Australia’s first household to add a Tesla Powerwall battery can this week begin buying and selling electricity on the market, after the addition of a world-leading software program by Canberra company, Reposit Power, effectively turning it into “a mini power station”.

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Is this the world’s smartest energy services company?

Kraftwerke provide commercial energy customers with the opportunity to buy and sell their electricity, allowing them to benefit from the price fluctuations in the energy spot market.

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South Australia retirement village to be powered by renewable microgrid

University of South Australia to co-develop an energy self-sufficient retirement village, with a renewable micro-grid of solar and battery storage, managed with energy demand software.

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The 2020 solar household: independent, intelligent and efficient

SMA managing director Mark Twidell says the real solar revolution will arrive with smart management technology, allowing the average prosumer of the future to buy from the grid, sell their solar power, and manage their consumption.

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Enphase chooses Australia for launch of plug’n’play AC battery unit

The first battery offering from Enphase has launched in Australia – a market the leading US tech company says could be first to achieve battery 'parity.'

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Landmark Sydney building taps green loan to slash energy costs

A City of Sydney-backed $1.2m Environmental Upgrade Agreement will allow owners of 1967 Reader's Digest building to fund energy efficiency upgrade that will slash its energy use by 60%.

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BuildingIQ in deal to boost corporate Australia’s energy smarts

CSIRO spin-off in deal to deploy its energy management software in major Australian shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals.

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